Work With Gabrielle

Gabrielle has been a Feng Shui consultant for over 30 years. As a highly sought after Feng Shui veteran and author, Gabrielle Alizay inspires and delights with her cutting edge Feng Shui style and Molecular Flame Therapy.

Feng Shui 2.0 Consultations

Her wisdom and teachings of Black Hat Sect Tibetan Feng Shui (Master Lin Yun, Sarah Rossbach), consist of:

A 1.5 hour private Feng Shui life coaching/consultation by phone or other virtual method.  A picture of your created floor plan and the three top issues/goals you want to clear/manifest will be emailed/texted to Gabrielle.

Local on-site consults also available (Inquire for prices which will include transportation to and from your home).  

What you get:

  • Verbal, intuitive, expert Feng Shui diagnosis of house/office floor plan.
  • Feng Shui Power Cures will be recommended. This information and immediate to eventual implementation can bring authentic resolve and balance to any life situation. Suggested amplification Feng Shui Cures to increase the potency of balancers will also be recommended.
  • A Potent Flame Healing relating to the Feng Shui needs/personal issues illuminated in the consult will occur later by Gabrielle (which she will perform inside her very strong Feng Shui Force Field of Balance).
  • Follow-up audio assessment will be emailed as well as opportunities to email or text Gabrielle for support.

Her Feng Shui consults focus on, but are not limited to:

 Couple transformation therapy, life dream goals, all phases of real estate, professional issues, the desire for/improvement with a mate, health, family dynamics, finances, and even the solving of the uglies—chronic grief, anger, pain, addiction, illness, dysfunction, fear, low self-esteem, worth, image and more.

    Inquire for pricing with email link below.  

Flame Coaching and Healings

An on-site or virtual Flame Coaching consists of:

  • 1.5 hour, private one-to-one teachings with the founder of The Intentional Candle Ceremony, Gabrielle Alizay and includes unpublished advanced techniques for all 4 Flames as well as Master Burns to handle specific, individual cases.
  • Results and comprehension on how to do each Flame discussed is guaranteed.
  • Multiple sessions recommended. 

    Inquire for pricing with email link below.

An on-site or virtual Flame Healing consists of:

  • 1.5 private, deep healing about an issue/concern, a boost towards self-actualization, sustainability, evolution or all of the above. 
  • The first part of the session will consist of communication exchange, both verbally and energetically. Gabrielle will ask questions to encourage understanding, compassion and mutual trust of the issue/goal(s) to be balanced.
  • Intuitive, grounded Flame expert, Gabrielle will guide you through any or all of the Flames that will make a real difference you can feel in your heart, body and life. She will “hold” them for hours in her strong Feng Shui laboratory, which generates strong, potent, effective Flames that get results.
  • She will also program a custom Vigil Healing Flame, directed to balance your imbalances, and that treatment will burn safely for 16 hours.
  • Audio assessment by Gabrielle will be emailed. Chronic issues require multiple sessions.                                                                                            

    Inquire for pricing with email link below.

Public Speaking and Workshops

Gabrielle has over 25 years of experience giving lectures and seminars at universities, extension and acupuncture schools internationally, putting on workshops at conferences and music festivals, offering her own Feng Shui radio program, co-hosting retreats, giving courses on cruise ships and numerous virtual tele-classes, some even lasting 8 weeks. Her forte: humor, along with giving lots of Feng Shui information and support.

What to expect from:

The Feng Shui Power Move Workshop

The Goal: To train you so that in your own space, you create a Feng Shui Force-Field of Balance.  The perfect container for more health, love and money as well as the best environment to create awe-inspiring Power Flames. 

· Gabrielle will teach you the 9 top Feng Shui Power Moves to create the optimal environment for you, your loved ones and the planet.     

· She will also answer any questions that fall outside of the top Power Moves, as well as suggest certain Feng Shui Cures to handle any situation or seemingly blocked dead-end, with problem-solving Feng Shui details for every room and every life situation that might ail you, sharing as many Feng Shui cures as possible so that the mind-blowing Healing Flames will magnify all requests—burning solutions—in your influential Feng Shui treated dwelling.  

2 hour commitment.  Best attended by Ready-Set-Burn Pack users, either new or seasoned, who wish to take their Feng Shui 2.0 flame practice to the next level of potency.

Inquire for pricing and availability with email link below.

The Feng Shui 2.0: Molecular Flame Therapy Workshop

The Goal:  To learn and ground the easy integration of various tips and techniques that fan your flames into laser beams of manifestation-  Take your practice to new levels and positive result expectations. Great news for you, your loved ones, as well as any global planetary issues you would like to balance.

· Long-time Burner techniques to make your Burn Spreads sizzle with solutions.

· Unpublished yet positively experimented Power Burns that heal the subatomic particles all the way to the vast cosmic environment. 

2 hour commitment. Best attended by Ready-Set-Burn Pack users, either new or seasoned, who wish to take their Feng Shui 2.0 flame practice to the next level of potency.

Inquire for pricing and availability with email link below.


The Intentional Candle Ceremony Accreditation Course

The Goal: To certify by thoroughly preparing and educating a person on the various advanced burn methods as well as anyone who wishes to add, highlight and distribute flame packages in their own professional practice with clients, students and patients. Educated distribution of this Molecular Flame Therapy to interested people is the key to balanced solutions popping up all over the planet.

· Virtual and international

· 8 week commitment 1x week plus weekly burn homework

· Starting in the Winter of 2018

· Much more TBA!


Disclaimer: Statements made on this website or in these classes and workshops are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is given strictly for educational purposes. In no way should the information on this website be considered a substitute for competent medical care by your physician or other healthcare professional.