Ready-Set-Burn Reviews

Ready Set Burn Reviews

"Gabrielle’s Ready Set Burn packages are POWERFUL and they work!!!  I was totally astounded at the results for my beloved cat, Pookie.   A number of very talented healers were working on her, but it was on my first burn that she turned the corner, and her health continues to improve. I have starting burning for myself and have this wonderful sense of anticipation/knowing that wonderful things are going to flow.  The packages are magical and connecting with each new one is an adventure!

I have not only discovered the power of the packages, but of Gabrielle herself.  She is highly intuitive, wise, compassionate, kind and a one woman healing dynamo!

The packages are simple to use and can help you manifest, not only for yourself, but to make this world a better place. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Whip out your credit cards ASAP! You’ll be happy and blessed as a result."

​Cindie Ambar, Aptos, CA 

Animal Energy Healer and former Public Health Professional

Ready set burn reviews

"If you want to change anything in your life, now is your chance to do so.  By using Gabrielle Alizay's Ready Set Burn packs, you can tap into the healing power of source energy and send a powerful healing to any person, circumstance or situation.  The healings achieved through this work are noticeable, measurable and sometimes even tangible.  I have countless stories that testify to the effectiveness of this work in many different arenas of my life that have shown vast improvement:



-mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual and physical health






-important causes

-divine timing

The list goes on and on... Who would think that with simply lighting a candle and invoking a healing, that things would actually transform with such magnitude?  Well, to some extent, I still can't believe how incredibly impressive the outcomes are of this work.  It's such a small investment, with such a profound impact.  Once you start this work, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it."

-Dr. J.M. , Soquel, CA

Flame Booster

5 star rating

"I have been so blessed by finding out about the amazing power of Flame.  I purchased the Super Pack with all the different packages- what a great value.  I used them to focus my intent to create a new home and advance my business.  I have always been pretty good at manifesting, but this took that to an entirely new level.  Almost like a fast-forward button.  Also, it has helped me clear the blocks both internal and external that were getting in my way.  It is easy to use, and I like the fact it looks at things from the global and local/internal.  It only takes a few minutes a day and can truly change your life for the better- it has for me.  I am now doing what I love, living in a great place and home plus my health is getting better every day.  I have gone from a local business to an international one- Think Big.  Also, it is great to know I have tools to make my future dreams come true.  If you have questions Gabrielle is amazing to work with and is a true expert in this field."

Katie K Frisco TX- Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, Entrepreneur

Ready set burn review

"The Ready-Set-Burn Packs are groundbreaking!

 Gabrielle has provided us with cutting edge tools for the Quantum Age! She mentioned in one of her recordings that these tools are like a magnifier for manifestation, but I would go a step further. My experience with this practice has been so significant that I have repeatedly said that these are like laser beams of manifestation!

 The results have blown my mind! I burn Karma Release Flames for all involved in a significant event in my life, and all goes more smoothly for everyone than I could have imagined. I burn Healing Flames for myself or others or for situations or relationships that need healing, and I can feel a tangible difference. This practice is only limited by the imagination.

 You can find a combination of flames for practically any situation. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and this seemingly simple practice has proven to me to be extremely powerful and produce significant results! I love these tools and am extremely grateful to Gabrielle for sharing them with us!" 

 - Amy K, Florida - biochemist, martial artist, energy healer, and sacred activist

Ready Set burn reviews

“Gabrielle’s Ready-Set-Burn Packs gave me the training to take my political views to a new level of sophistication. This is a political burn that continues to evolve: I have been burning for the political process and searching for answers for our country, earth and universe. 

One of my burns has been self-reflecting at my historical DNA that probably has political corruption.  It’s not to be silent or not to give my opinion but to understand how this thinking is a part of our society and me.  It is not an excuse but an opportunity to find burning practices that help to heal.  Lighting flames for various political figures that show up also gives me an opportunity to continue to move to understanding and find another way.

Our country has an enormous amount of healing from displacement of the Native Americans to the Japanese Internment Camps, to the Civil War and on and on it goes.   

We are a great nation.  We want to move forward.  Using the flame practice is mandatory for me to continue to find solutions for my community and world.” 

L.L., Kansas- Mayor

Customer Review

L. L., Kansas- politician, bed and breakfast owner and Sacred Activist practitioner.

Star Rating

"The Ocean Healing Flame Ceremony has been a game-changer for me. Gabrielle recommended that Pack to me especially in support of my desire to become a mother, as I could also beseech for my various needs. Immediately, my periods became easier and less painful.  And within a couple of months, we got pregnant! 

 There's also a deeper healing that's more subtle: our home is more harmonious; we support one another with more generosity and grace; we are getting outside more. We're even spending more time in the presence of the ocean.  

 At the surface, this is a simple practice that brings more beauty into my home and contributes to the healing of the planet's waters. Once you learn it, it only takes a few minutes, but it is awesomely powerful." 

 N.K., U.S.A.


“One of my praying locations, depending on the noise level.  I’m still doing the Healing, Karma Release, Ocean, Kali prayers depending each day what I have time and energy for.
Your voice is still the Chi in my prayers, it is charging me spiritually. You’re a ray of hope when it’s hard to see the bright side of life’s unexpected problems or WHY? I’ve got to go do my candle therapy right now!”   

 R.A., California

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