Practitioner Testimonials

Practitioner Testimonials

L.F., California            

The world is your oyster! Cracking it open gets easier by inviting Gabrielle Alizay to the party. Small and large obstacles can and will be removed and relieved with the Scientific Mysticism she brings to Feng shui. Following the laws of nature and universal principles, she has guided a sure path toward the life of my dreams. To "The Wild Feng Shui woman", Thanks for honoring my personal style through the tour! 

S.L., California

The Healing Flames have been remarkable for me, my daughter and my partner. I always feel the healing occurring as soon as it is programmed.The Ocean Healing Flame is awesome! I have been doing this Flame for months. It is amazing as I feel the Ocean actually receiving healing energy from the Flame. Doing this Flame regularly has also produced massive miracles for my family and my life and when I remember to do this Flame—it is always really powerful. My sister’s dog is 17 years old and quite sickly. I sent her a Kali Durge Chant Protection Flame as well as a Transformation Flame™. She immediately sat up and was livelier.

K.L., Florida               

From the moment I started The Intentional Candle Ceremony practice I experienced clearing of physical clutter in my home and increased energy and motivation. After the first week, I felt like a new person. In the six weeks that I have been burning so far, I received additional income from 3 unexpected sources and I feel clearer and more focused in my day to day life. The karmic clutter clear flames have cleared away blocks and allowed me to resolve things that were worrying me. The Healing Flame brings comfort and ease to my body and the Kali space clearing flame is wonderful.

Practitioner Testimonials

J.E., New Mexico        

​We went into the Feng Shui consultations (all by phone) wanting to improve the financial situation of a nonprofit business. We have found both small and big improvements happening in that area… more donations, better responses to letters that have been sent out, and also new ‘Helpful People’ coming forth and getting involved in the organization. There have been improvements in other areas also, such as in relationships between the people who work for the organization. It feels less divisive since we’ve begun implementing Gabrielle’s suggestions- more like we are working better together as a team, for the greater good.

I would absolutely recommend that others get Feng Shui (phone or on-site) consultations with Gabrielle. She’s a total Feng Shui geek- she really knows this stuff inside and out, and she is great at communicating her knowledge to regular humans. And, if you actually follow her suggestions–THIS STUFF WORKS!!!

S.B., California            

​Gabrielle, you have totally inspired me, and today I bought a NEW double bed. I just set it up and had to haul away my (used)twin sized futon earlier. I also went to local craft shop and got some useful tools. Thanks for your fabulous energy and I feel good changes are occurring! Hugs and Happiness, your workshop student

T.G., England              

​I have been burning candles. Sometimes I forget and then when I do burn, it’s amazing what happens. Everything splendid starts happening! Like today I did a burn on my job at the local resort and my day went really fabulous. When I remember to burn for my dad, he even responds to me. And that is truly startling for him to even respond. I know when I burn for other people or planet, my ‘other’ burns are really incredible. 

L.L., Kansas                

​I have had several phone Feng Shui consultations and personal healings with Gabrielle. One of my most memorable: Going over Feng Shui Self-Empowerment techniques and the critical importance of sleeping on a new bed mattress for maximum love, health and money wellness in life.

I hemmed and hawed and procrastinated because of the expense. But after her consistent encouragement, I took the plunge. 

Wow. So I replaced the mattress that had been my mother’s–complete with neck, hip, and knee pain starting to occur. Two nights later, all pain gone. Next, a shift occurs in my consciousness and I feel naturally more compassionate with my partner.

In general, I feel so much better. A life changing experience!

P.S., Alaska                  

Since putting into effect many of Gabrielle’s suggestions for my new home, I’ve become aware of a much easier time communicating. Also have seen that there are more friends calling to offer help. My life feels quite a bit warmer than it did just a few weeks ago before I started making the changes. I would say, the Chi has found me! And I am glad.

Feng Shui 2.0 Molecular Flame Therapy

A. K., Florida 
I have been working with the Intentional Candle Ceremony on and off for about 6 months. This tool in all its forms is so incredibly powerful and versatile! I’m amazed at how fast and how significant the results are each and every time I use it! I had such a powerful session yesterday, that I had to leave feedback.I have lit karma release flames before for specific situations and people and have had really impressive results. Yesterday, I felt inspired to do karma release on a large scale. I lit 4 candles to do a mega karma release flame and programmed all of the flames. My intention was to do karma release on a broad scale, and to use the macrocosm/microcosm approach. As I programmed the flames, I visualized burning karma with any situation that came to mind, spending time with each one and working from the big picture down to the small payers in each situation. After exhausting all the people and situations that came up, I finished the programming with ‘miracles happen now, this or something greater for the highest good.’ I had an immediate reaction. I had to take a couple of deep breaths and continued with deep breathing until it reached an equilibrium. Then, as my breath settled, I felt as if all at once all of the muscles in my back relaxed and my spine completely readjusted and moved into position. My posture changed. It was as if all of the tension and stress I had been holding onto had instantaneously been released in one graceful readjustment of my spine. Miracles indeed happen now, each and every day.Blessings to Gabrielle, the messenger. What an amazing gift! This is such a powerful tool! May those who are ready to receive this be drawn to it with ease!

S.R., California            

​I honestly do not know how one can get through life without burning! You can use my full name in this quote. And even put my phone number! LOL.

S.S., Iowa         

I knew that my mild-manned tabby cat, Gina, had Mafia tendencies, but thanks to your education, I now know she is also a Feng Shui Geek herself – always eats with her back to the wall!

A.A., Virginia              

​My previous attempts to implement Feng Shui principles on my own were not comprehensive. Working with Gabrielle, I have step by step done a complete “Feng Shui makeover” of my home and home office. As a result of my work with Gabrielle, I am on track to double (or more) my income this year and have renewed the passion in my personal relationship. Thank you, Gabrielle!

F.E., California            

​Gabrielle, the changes you have inspired in my home and consequently in my life have continued to unfold as I go down the list to implement your suggestions. I cant wait for you to come back for your one month follow up and see how different my home feels, and to tell you about the reactions of my girlfriend and friends. Even my girlfriend who is very skeptical about such things could not help herself when she saw and felt the difference in my home. My bedroom has transformed into an amazing love nest, my 3 year old’s new room feels like a more energetic and vibrant place for him to be and grow in, and even though I am space challenged, the suggestions you gave me to work with those constraints were brilliant and have transformed my sense of enjoyment when I am home. My only complaint is that I am so busy I have not had enough time to be home in order to simply enjoy being there, and to soak up the good energy! Thank you so much Gabrielle, you are truly amazing at what you do!

C.R., Florida 

Thank you again for all your wisdom and guidance in our home and lives. We have started the process full force and are already feeling better about things. I do have to say that it is contagious as many of my friends are asking about the consultation and beginning to declutter etc… I referred them to your book too. I believe in my heart that this is going to be great even though it is hard sometimes. Thank you, we’ve sent you good energy for your good work!

Molecular Flame Therapy

R.L., California 

I was having money trust issues in my life. As a recommendation, I programmed one of almost every flame taught in Primary Daily Flames. The next day I went to the post office. I had a check waiting for me for $20,000!

A.I., New York 

After my Burn Spread was done, I felt so much clarity and so much health—I just wanted to run out onto my balcony and scream to the world, “Oh Yes!!!!”

H.O., New York 

I have programmed the Dedication Flame in my Practice about 5 times now. Each time, it is the last Flame I program and the first to go out. The accumulative forces of all the Flame’s intention power clearly works with this Flame. Each time, it seems as if the universe can unmistakably use the healing. 

S.L., Israel 

I use The Purification Flame with caution because it is so potent. It alters my reality instantly.

R.L., California 

When I started my Burn Spread, I had not practiced for a few days. Wow, I had missed burning! I programmed for an hour straight. Incredible. This is the best. So Divine!

I programmed The Dedication Flame each day for about 10 days. It is really soft and beautiful. It has given me the same feeling as when I go to the Ashram for an extended retreat and return to my life free and can see everything clearly.

The Kali Durge Chant Protection Flame is the Flame I do the most regular. I program the complete long version and begin to feel the effects as soon as I surround my home, property and loved ones. It is instantaneous. I feel a huge amount of protection since I have been practicing this Flame; a state of being which is very important to me.

The Healing Flames have been remarkable for me, my daughter and my partner. I always feel the healing occurring as soon as it is programmed. I have learned that if there is an issue in my life, it is prudent to send the situation a Healing Flame along with individual Healing Flames to whoever might also be involved. I always feel so much love coming out of me when I send Healing Flames. It always seems like The Highest Good.

I have done The Lucky 8 Flame twice. It is the most powerful Flame I have felt so far. I sensed the earth shake under my feet and felt immediately shifted. From the first, I have experienced this Flame changing my reality.

Feng Shui 2.0

H.O., New York          
Kudos to The Mega-Goal Flame. I have programmed it twice. Both times I chose a booster goal to calm my overworked ‘Monkey Mind.’ It worked instantly on each burn. I shared this Flame with a co-worker and it worked for him too. I also do a Super Yoga Healing Flame whenever I need a boost. I don’t get it, but wow, it works.

M.L., Arizona              

When the United States went through The Syrian Crisis, it felt very important to send a Healing Flame to the Syrian President Assad, another to President Obama, another to President Talabani of Iraq, another to President Putnam of Russia, as well as individual Healing Flames to the President of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Israel as well as other surrounding countries. So Flames were lit for each of the Heads of State of each country and included anyone else that might be involved in the process. I burned 24 candles in two days for this crisis as well as participating in a group Sacred Activism which occurred throughout the country with a small select few of the Advanced Practitioners.

Several days later an amazing thing occurred in Britain with our Secretary of State Kerry when the Russian Secretary of State proposed resolutions that supported ultimate peace with Syriah. It was a surprise that Russia became such an ally in the solution process. 

Also that same week, Iran President Rouhani called the U.S. President Obama to discuss settling issues which had kept them apart for so many years.

Coincidence? Who cares! Keep sending those Flames.

Molecular Flame Therapy

N.C., California

This morning I practiced The Power Mantra Flame for the first time. I was feeling a little stressed with all of the things life was putting before me but my Higher Self was urging me to do the Flame work—even though I felt too busy to do it. So I stopped. I found the right candle, sat down and lit it. I then instantly programmed my personal mantra which had come through from my Higher Self. The Flame had only burned for 5 minutes when the phone rang.  At first I was annoyed that someone would be calling me during my Flame ceremony but I decided to answer it. The call was the one that I was waiting for—the one which showed me that my intentions, my mantra, my 5 minutes were already manifesting! I am learning to become a magician. Magic is everywhere.

L.M., Arizona
 I have been so impressed with the Lucky 8 Flame. Wow, what amazing results! This is just my second time and second week. Already can feel how my financial issues are becoming resolved. It always seemed like I couldn’t get a break as far as money flow. This week I can feel there is a grace that is supporting my efforts in financial balance. I gave the Lucky 8 Flame information to my Mom, who plays bingo twice a month. Gave it to her the day she was to play that evening. She burnt the candles for 5 hours and then won two times out of the possible 10 times of playing. She is smiling. She’s never won before.

J.R., California            

​As we do the burns, the mind wakes up to its Divine nature. It is an excellent process for tilling and preparing the soil of the mind for planting the seeds of useful and true thought. The Practice helps to prepare one to receive more guidance and greater awareness.

H.O., New York          

It was suggested to me to try The Purification Flame when I did not feel empowered. Negative ideas were circulating everywhere—in my house and in my head. It did the trick beautifully. Within an hour, I believed I could do a task that before seemed overwhelming.

Molecular Flame Therapy

S.L., California            

As a certified hypnotherapist, I wanted to learn this Sacred Activism Intentional Candle Ceremony because I had seen the inspiring positive results from a friend of mine who had been doing it. I programmed a karma Release Flame™. It was amazing! 

I had tears pouring down my cheeks with emotional release…and I felt wonderful afterwards when I got home, that’s when I saw the real miracle that had occurred. My husband had been recovering from a serious accident and was disabled for two years… While I was burning the flame he went surfing again for the first time since his accident! This work is powerful and transformative. I recommend everyone to just give it a try. You will be amazed at the healing that occurs!

Molecular Flame Therapy

S.R., California            

I have been practicing this sacred flame work for almost one year with deep commitment. It has completely transformed my life in the most positive way. 

When I first began, I was having major issues with my live-in boyfriend. Through karma Release Flames™ our relationship has taken many interesting and magical turns. I have removed ancestral baggage that has been carried through many lives. I have protected myself through the Kali Durge Chant Flame. I have increased exponentially my self-esteem and self-worth through the Self Healing Flame. I send healing energy daily to the ocean and all of its life forms, while blessings have showered around me endlessly. The Transformation Flame™ is perfect for any and all issues. The ability to just send it into the flame, not only transforms the situation, but oneself as well. I am forever grateful for my candle ceremony practice.

Flame Therapy

RL., CA                      

The Intentional Candle Ceremony is absolutely astounding and MIRACULOUS, to say the very least. I was newly pregnant. My successful 10 year business was completely stagnant and my reserves had been depleted. I had major loans to pay and people knocking at my door, including my former business partner, who decided she wanted to be paid 1/2 of the assets of the company but had stopped working over a year before. I was worn-out, exhausted, and needing energy to grow this new life and marvel inside of me. The Dr’s told me I had Gestational diabetes, my daughter would possibly be ‘too small’ and I was having preterm labor contractions. 

I started a daily Practice with karma Release flames™ and several other flames (like The Chant Protection Flame, The Ocean Healing Flame and The Self-Healing Flame). I had my ‘prescription’ and my health and vitality consequently started to climb high. I started to hear what I needed and my boundaries got clearer and clearer. I started to sleep better, feel better, feel positive again and my faith started to go through the roof as I felt very connected. Then a huge purchase from a client we had never heard of ‘magically appeared’ which helped take care of so many things so I could start taking better care of myself and move into a family home for our new daughter who was arriving. 

 I continued my Practice. After a few months of testing and not being able to find anything week after week, the Dr’s told me my daughter would now be ‘tall’ and that I did not have Gestational diabetes. I started to burn more karma Release Flames™ (‘Communication Tubes’) with my daughter and at 9 months pregnant now we are communicating and she is vibrant and healthy. The business partner had something big come up and now she had to ‘split’ to start her own business and we stopped talking all together. My company began to take off again; this time each client hand selected and in alignment with the highest business principles.

Every day I burn, more miraculous things happen. It is so incredible to deal with the root of what is occurring, instead of pushing to try and make things happen while we hang on to our baggage. Being free truly creates so much space for the absolute highest good to occur for each of us.

Flame Therapy

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