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How will I receive the digitals items I purchase?
If this is your first time making a purchase at, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase with a link to set up your member account.  If you have purchased an item from our site before and already have a member login, your newly purchased products will automatically appear in your member portal.

What is contained in each Molecular Flame Therapy package?
Each Molecular Flame Therapy Package includes access to our Getting Started Guide which contains a video and ebook as well as a tutorial audio file, a programming audio file, and a comprehensive PDF for the specific flame package you have chosen.  Some packages contain additional PDFs, videos, and/or audio files as described on each individual product page to help you master the practice of those particular flame therapies.

What is contained in a Flame Tutorial audio file?
In each Flame Tutorial audio file, Gabrielle provides the full background of the science and purpose behind that particular flame, describes the appropriate situations and circumstances that the flame will have the most influence over, and gives you tools and tips to gain the most impact through your Molecular Flame Therapy practice.

What is contained in a Flame Programming audio file?
In each Flame Programming audio file, Gabrielle walks you through the steps of activating your flame(s) through guided visions and affirmations of manifestation.

Am I able to download these digital files to my computer or mobile device?
Yes and no.  Yes, you will be able to download the PDF files and eBooks to your computer or mobile device, however, the audio and video files are only accessible through your member portal at this time.  Your member account will never expire.

What type of candles should I use for this practice?
We recommend using non-toxic candles, either soy, beeswax, or tree palm wax is preferred, but any candle is fine to use.
Always follow safe burning practices and never leave a flame unattended.
Our recommended candles can be purchased on
100 Soy Tealights By Soyworx Unscented All Natural Color Tea Light Candles
or  GoodLight Paraffin-free Tea Lights Pack of 100
Beeswax candles can be locally sourced at your local farmer’s market.

Does this stuff work?
Many years of practice, experimentation and research have resulted in empirical evidence that Molecular Flame Therapy has the power to bring out real positive change and transformation for self and other, social, political, environmental and planetary.  It has bee proven that positive intent toward whatever mind, body, soul, spirit goal for self or other, greatly assists any outcome to be in a direction congruent with your desires, and Molecular Flame Therapy takes this to a whole new level with the Intentional Candle Ceremony.

What types of payment do you accept?
 Through ClickBank, we accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

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