More Mind Blowers....

The Double Slit Experiment: This research was performed in 1801 and involved a group of scientists who were studying the composition of light. This experiment showed that light seemed to be a particle—not surprising for the scientists who believed that light was going to be a particle, even before the tests began. More surprising however was that light also seemed to be a wave—exactly what different experts involved in the same research were hoping to prove.  It turned out that light acted as a particle and also as a wave, depending on what the individual observer thought it would be.

What does this have to do with me? As simple and as potent as your very thinking and attitude, whether about self or other, can have major repercussions in the “results” of any event—personal and planetary. A little positive intent towards whatever mind, body, soul, spirit goal for self and other, greatly assists any outcome in a direction congruent with your desires.

Quantum Entanglement Theory: Made famous in 1935 in a co-written paper of discovery, Albert Einstein made this concept popular with the catch-phrase—“spooky action at a distance”. He was referring to the behavior of particles and their clear, interesting connection to one another, regardless of the distance between them. In mathematical theories, he and others observed that if the spinning of a particle was reversed, another particle—9 million light years away from the original one—would likewise change its revolution to match the original one.

What does this have to do with me?  Whenever you heal anything, in this example, your heart—the release and balance is felt, quietly and potently, all the way in deep space. Every positive action has an equal action of resolve, felt significantly from your personal locale out to the beyond. Your intent and expansion are a part of an inter-connected web of communication that touches all things.  You hold the power to effect change—right from the comfort of your own heart and mind.

The 100th Monkey Theory: A 30 year social study that began in 1952, observing the monkey population starting on the Japanese island of Koshima.  The study began when one monkey discovered an evolved behavior.  She started to wash her yam potato in the river before eating it. She communicated this new knowledge to another monkey the next day.  The trend spread throughout the monkey population on the island—first by word-of-mouth and then para-psychologically, monkey populations everywhere, in other geographic places—across oceans and in other lands—likewise started to apply this evolved behavior, regardless that the distance made communication impossible.

What does this have to do with me?  This theory has been applied also to the human social system. When a critical mass number of people achieve knowledge of a progressed idea or behavior, this new consciousness may be communicated mind-to-mind and spontaneously spread to all of humanity.  This means that only a few people may know of a new way, but when their numbers reach a tipping point—this new way becomes a part of the collective consciousness of all of humanity. Your good acts can automatically join the good acts of others throughout the world.  Together—including your part of this tipping point—the world heals.

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