How to Become an Affiliate

​Spread the mind blowing possibilities by sharing the Flames.

20% Commission on all Products Sold

This page will describe the process to become a Clickbank affiliate, and then how to become an affiliate of Gabrielle Alizay. Step by step instructions with images to help you find your way easily. 

 Click Here to sign up with Clickbank, and start the process. 

This is what you will see. There are three sections. Start with the "Personal Information" section. Fill in your information and click the "Next Step" button.

Then, you move on to the next section which is "Banking Information". They only ask for your bank's name. After that, you must read and agree to Clickbank's "terms and conditions". Click the box and then click the "Next Step" button. 

Next, you move on to the "Account Information" section. Create your username (this cannot be changed later, so make sure you choose what you want). Then click the "Create Account" button. 

A new tab will appear and Clickbank will ask you to fill out a survey. 

Your account has been created. You must find the previous tab with your newly created username to access your dashboard. 

You must confirm your email address. Go to your email and click the link, that is provided from Clickbank. 

Once your email is confirmed your account will be fully activated and you will have full access to your "dashboard". You will find information about Clickbank and how to be a successful affiliate marketer. 

Now, for the fun part! Find me in the Marketplace. Click on "Marketplace". 

Then, you will be brought to the search engine for products, where you will type “Molecular Flame Therapy” in the search box

Then, you will see the listing below. Clicking the title will bring you to our products page. You can check out what is offered there. The "promote" button gets you started to promote our products for 20% commission on all digital products. The products range from $49 to $149.

You will be able to create your hoplinks from this page. You can enter a tracking number, if you have one, but it is not required. 

Then, you find the links that you use to promote our products. They are called "hoplinks". If anyone purchases our products through these links, you will receive your commission, through Clickbank, once the payment goes through.

A closer look at the hoplinks. Be sure to copy and paste, in order to avoid any mistyping errors. 

Welcome to the Molecular Flame Therapy family. We are so pleased to have you as part of the team. If you have any affiliate questions, please email flametherapy4u@gmail.com. Welcome aboard!

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