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For the majority of Gabrielle’s adult life, she has focused on recovery from brain surgery, which had left her in a wheelchair, with her right side paralyzed, in diapers and unable to speak.  No more however. She is restored.

When it became clear that Feng Shui was authentically helping all personal issues and matters, Gabrielle experimented with a new methodology, Scientific Mysticism—the blending of spirituality and science to get all the goods—personal, planetary and universal well-being. 

As a Feng Shui Shaman and a scientist of the miracle, learning to harness and activate (with prayer and sophisticated scientific affirmations) Chi God Particles (CGP_9), the theoretical subatomic building blocks responsible for mass in all the universe—she has lived and worked in a Feng Shui Force Field of Balance for over 25 years, experimenting consciously with its incredible healing forces as well as actively looking for other discoveries within its curative sphere.

Inside this Feng Shui environment, she was graced with remarkable regeneration through dedication to this healthy, intentional life and was graced again to receive knowledge of Feng Shui’s most sacred Practice: The Intentional Candle Ceremony.  After only a few months of committed self-inquiry work with The Ocean Healing Flame™, The Kali Durge Chant Protection Flame™, The Healing Flame™ and  the remarkable Karma Release Flame™,  as well as various other experimental scientific/spiritual affirmations programmed into Flames, her life has drastically transformed further into one of genuine full body and mind recovery, miracles and harvest.                                                        

Gabrielle Alizay has been a Feng Shui Consultant for over 30 years, published multiple Feng Shui books, and is the former West Coast Director of The International Feng Shui Guild.

Feng Shui 2.0 Molecular Flame Therapy

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